[GHC] #15147: Type checker plugin receives Wanteds that are not completely unflattened

Nicolas Frisby nicolas.frisby at gmail.com
Mon Jun 11 15:21:08 UTC 2018

That way of saying it clarifies the expectations for me. And doesn't seem
too burdensome for the plugin author.

Thus I think this ticket could be resolved by updating the documentation.
(Though I still would like for a plugin to be able to request the flattened
Wanteds. Separate ticket?)

In particular this sentence in the User Guide

"[The plugin] will be invoked at two points in the constraint solving
process: after simplification of given constraints, and after unflattening
of wanted constraints."

would benefit from some elaboration. Specifically, "unflattening of wanted
constraints" is somewhat ambiguous: until you spelled it out, I was
thinking that if a constraint is flattened, it doesn't have any flattening
variables in it. However, I'm inferring here that the jargon is used to
mean that "unflattening a wanted constraint" only eliminates fmvs, possibly
leaving fsks behind? That's what I've been confused about (until now, I
think). Thanks.

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> #15147: Type checker plugin receives Wanteds that are not completely
> unflattened
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> Comment (by simonpj):
>  > Perhaps I'm misunderstanding something
>  I didn't express it very clearly.  As it stands, the Given CFunEqCan's
>  remain, and hence so do the fsks.  The Wanted CFunEqCans are removed
>  (currently) along with the fmvs.
>  So yes, currently Wanteds can contain fsks, whose definition is given by a
>  CFunEqCan.  I would have thought that most plugins would not find it hard
>  to deal with that.
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