compiling GHC: undefined references

Németh Boldizsár nboldi at
Fri Jan 19 02:48:13 UTC 2018

Dear GHC Devs,

This is my first time trying to compile GHC on my machine and I need a 
little help to go on. I ran into a problem, I get a lot of undefined 
reference errors when linking. A sample of these:

ghc\stage2\build\Main.o:fake:(.text+0x1f3): undefined reference to 
ghc\stage2\build\Main.o:fake:(.text+0x340): undefined reference to 
ghc\stage2\build\Main.o:fake:(.text+0x498): undefined reference to 
ghc\stage2\build\Main.o:fake:(.text+0x4c0): undefined reference to 

Before the errors I have a warning:

Warning: -rtsopts and -with-rtsopts have no effect with -no-hs-main.
     Call hs_init_ghc() from your main() function to set these options.

The only change I made is fixing some simple type errors in 
utils/ghc-cabal/Main.hs that stopped compilation.

Commit ID is: cf2c029ccdb967441c85ffb66073974fbdb20c20

Best Regards,

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