The Trac Wiki and the GitLab Migration

Brandon Allbery allbery.b at
Fri Dec 28 18:47:08 UTC 2018

The original announcement said wiki migration still has a few hitches to be
ironed out, but is generally looking good.

On Fri, Dec 28, 2018 at 1:04 PM Ara Adkins <me at> wrote:

> Hey All,
> I’ve been doing a decent amount of thinking about the GitLab migration and
> realised that I’d not seen any discussion of what we plan to do with all
> the information in the Trac Wiki. If there has been some and I’ve missed it
> I apologise.
> In essence, I’m wondering what the current plan is! Will we leave it in
> place, or so we plan to move the content to a wiki on GitLab?
> Best.
> _ara
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