GitLab transition status

Ben Gamari ben at
Sat Dec 22 05:12:46 UTC 2018

Hello everyone,

Over the past week we have been busily pushing ahead with the GitLab
transition. While the original plan was to switch the upstream
repository to the GitLab on last Tuesday, I have been too preoccupied
pushing through the last mile of continuous integration stabilization to
write the documentation that would make such a switch possible.
Consequently, GitLab's ghc/ghc repository is still mirroring

Continuous integration via GitLab pipelines is now very nearly green
[1]. Once this happens I will send an email with final migration
instructions and disable mirroring, signalling that the GitLab
repository is the official upstream. After we migrate the upstream all
code entering `master` will be merged via merge request, ensuring that
no further breakage in CI.

It would be greatly appreciated if those with commit rights could
refrain from pushing unnecessary changes until the migration is
finalized. I have had to fix a few breakages this week, each of which
costs a few hours in effort and build time.


- Ben

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