GitLab Migration (CI heads-up)

Ben Gamari ben at
Sat Dec 22 04:34:22 UTC 2018

Gabor Greif <ggreif at> writes:

> Hi Ben,
Hi Gabor,

> I was wondering why my pull request (merely to trigger a bit more of
> CI than what I have at my local disposal) was suddenly failing (1),
> when it worked in a previous incarnation (2).
> It turns out that either CI or the entire tree is broken since (3)
> being the last sound one.
Indeed CircleCI recently revised their billing policies and consequently
we have lost the ability to use the large instance sizes which we were
previously using for our builds. Sadly GHC builds do not reliably finish
on the instances we still do have access to due to memory and build time
constraints. It appears that this may be the cause of the failures in
your build (1).

This billing change was the reason why I have been moving our CI
infrastructure to GitLab. Unfortunately in the chaos it looks like I
neglected to forward the ghc-devops thread describing the situation [2]
to ghc-devs. Sorry for the confusion!

I'm going to draft a summary email describing the state of the GitLab
transition right now.


- Ben

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