GHC (API?) question: GHC Core for Base libraries

Christopher Done chrisdone at
Wed Dec 19 10:50:06 UTC 2018

Hi Bill,

I use a different approach, using docker, and that's to use a patched
`Main.hs` (
and compile GHC with that patched file. It's a little unorthodox but
has so far been highly effective.

Here is a repo of a core interpreter I've been dabbling with:

Here I have a Dockerfile that copies my edited version of `Main.hs`
and builds base, ghc-prim and integer-gmp together into an isolated
package database:

My Main.hs writes a .prana file for every module. At the end of the
Dockerfile, I export that to a .tar.gz archive:

Then I have a set of scripts
To build the image, and one to copy the libraries to the current
directory under `libraries/`.

Hope that's of some help!

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