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Simon Jakobi simon.jakobi at googlemail.com
Mon Dec 17 08:17:18 UTC 2018

Hi Ben,

in my experience Gitlab has been extremely slow at showing commit diffs to
the point that it gives up and returns a 502:

Is this possibly related to any resource constraints on our instance?


Am Mo., 17. Dez. 2018 um 06:29 Uhr schrieb Ben Gamari <ben at well-typed.com>:

> TL;DR. Given somewhat slower-than-expected progress on the Trac import I
>        suggest that we implement a pared-down migration on Tuesday.
>        See "The Plan" below.
> Hello everyone,
> Over the last few weeks we have been hard at work preparing the
> migration to GitLab. Currently the following things are ready:
>  * Hosting of GHC's repositories and those of its mirrors have been
>    prepared.
>  * Continuous integration has been configured for GHC.
>    All-in-all the GitLab migration has been quite timely since we were
>    recently notified by CircleCI of billing changes which will soon make
>    it quite difficult for us to continue using their services (see the
>    thread on ghc-devops for details).
>    Thankfully, moving CI to GitLab has been mostly painless and has
>    even enabled us to introduce testing of platforms which were
>    previously inaccessible to us under CircleCI.
>  * The various linters which previously ran via `arc lint` and gitolite
>    post-receive hooks have been ported to CI jobs.
>  * The Trac ticket migration is looking good although there are still a
>    significant number of details which need to be sorted out.
>  * The Wiki migration is in a similar state.
> Over the past weeks we have been in constant contact with GitLab's FOSS
> outreach group, who have been quite helpful in getting the eyes of
> GitLab employees on the issues affecting our transition. Thanks to
> especially to David Planella for his help so far.
> Unfortunately, there is one issue in particular [1] which is currently
> blocking the Trac migration. From my discussions with GitLab's upstream
> it sounds like it may be possible for them to prioritize a fix in the
> short-term. However, our aggressive migration timeline is a fair bit
> faster than GitLab's development cycle and consequently this certainly
> won't happen before our planned migration on Tuesday.
> # The Plan
> Given what remains to be done in the Trac migration I believe it would
> be a mistake to move ahead with the full migration as planned. However,
> in the interest of re-gaining functional continuous integration of
> patches as soon as possible I propose that we move ahead with moving
> code review on Tuesday.
> The plan would be as follows:
>  1. We setup the final gitlab.haskell.org instance tomorrow; since the
>     Trac migration will not be run will need to create new accounts on
>     instance.
>  2. We begin officially accepting merge requests on this fresh GitLab
>     instance on Tuesday. At this point gitlab.haskell.org:ghc/ghc will
>     become GHC's official upstream repository.
>  3. We allow a week of transition time where new Differentials will
>     continue to be accepted via Phabricator.
>  4. After this transition period we place Phabricator in read-only mode.
>  5. When we are confident in the Trac migration (likely after the new
>     year) we move ahead with importing tickets and the wiki
> Previously I was skeptical of any plan that involved running the Trac
> migration against a live GitLab instance. However, further reflection
> I believe such a migration is safe and feasible. Moreover, given the
> constraints set upon us by the impending CircleCI changes, I think this
> is our best option to ensure continuity of CI.
> Thoughts?
> Cheers,
> - Ben
> [1] https://gitlab.com/gitlab-org/gitlab-ce/issues/46980
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