ZuriHac 2018 GHC DevOps track - Request for Contributions

Oleg Grenrus oleg.grenrus at iki.fi
Sat Apr 7 14:06:33 UTC 2018

I hope Hadrian topics qualify under "building GHC from source"?

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> On 7 Apr 2018, at 16.33, Niklas Hamb├╝chen <mail at nh2.me> wrote:
> Hi GHC devs,
> The ZuriHac 2018 conference will feature a GHC DevOps track (which
> Andreas and I are coordinating), that will be all about fostering
> contributions to GHC and learning to hack it. There will be a room or
> two allocated at Zurihac for this purpose.
> We hope to focus on roughly these topics:
> * How to build GHC from source
> * How to iterate on changes quickly
> * What's the development workflow, how do I get my patch merged?
> * How do specific parts of GHC work
> * Extending GHC's test suite
> * Improving automation, processes and release quality
> * Documenting the undocumented
> If we are successful, we will have more GHC contributers after ZuriHac
> than before.
> But we need your contributions to add content to the track!
> Specifically, we're looking for ZuriHac attendees who could (help) run a
> session in this track. Such as:
> * Giving a talk about one of the above or related topics
> * Hosting a hack session where participants of the track work together
> on the GHC code base towards a specific goal
> * Being around as a "GHC mentor" during open hack sessions, helping new
> GHC contributors out
> To give some examples, I could offer to give a talk on a recent effort
> to improve Ctrl+C and signal handling in the RTS, and I would like to
> run a hack session where we add performance regression tests based on
> CPU instruction counters.
> Please contact Andreas or me (on this list or privately) if you think
> you could help in any of these directions!
> If you're not sure, contact us anyway and tell us your idea!
> Best,
> Niklas and Andreas
> ZuriHac 2018 GHC DevOps track coordinators
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