ZuriHac 2018 GHC DevOps track - Request for Contributions

Niklas Hamb├╝chen mail at nh2.me
Sat Apr 7 13:33:27 UTC 2018

Hi GHC devs,

The ZuriHac 2018 conference will feature a GHC DevOps track (which
Andreas and I are coordinating), that will be all about fostering
contributions to GHC and learning to hack it. There will be a room or
two allocated at Zurihac for this purpose.

We hope to focus on roughly these topics:

* How to build GHC from source
* How to iterate on changes quickly
* What's the development workflow, how do I get my patch merged?
* How do specific parts of GHC work
* Extending GHC's test suite
* Improving automation, processes and release quality
* Documenting the undocumented

If we are successful, we will have more GHC contributers after ZuriHac
than before.

But we need your contributions to add content to the track!

Specifically, we're looking for ZuriHac attendees who could (help) run a
session in this track. Such as:

* Giving a talk about one of the above or related topics
* Hosting a hack session where participants of the track work together
on the GHC code base towards a specific goal
* Being around as a "GHC mentor" during open hack sessions, helping new
GHC contributors out

To give some examples, I could offer to give a talk on a recent effort
to improve Ctrl+C and signal handling in the RTS, and I would like to
run a hack session where we add performance regression tests based on
CPU instruction counters.

Please contact Andreas or me (on this list or privately) if you think
you could help in any of these directions!
If you're not sure, contact us anyway and tell us your idea!

Niklas and Andreas
ZuriHac 2018 GHC DevOps track coordinators

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