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Tue Apr 3 06:00:04 UTC 2018

Hi Simon,

Hmm I'm not sure about replacing sh with bash. I think bash has some
Non-POSIX extensions that may affect the behavior of valid posix scripts.

Is bash --login slow as well? How about once sh or bash starts, are
commands still slow then?

I assume your computer is domain joined and you may be hitting a very long
standing issue with certain domain joined machines

The solution seems to be to cache the user info locally instead of it
having to query the domain controller everytime. See solution 2 here for instructions

Does that help the problem?

I believe you had a similar problem last time setting up a new machine. At
that time magit was also slow.

Kind regards,

On Mon, Apr 2, 2018, 23:23 Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> wrote:

> Tamar
> I’ve noticed that “sh” (which is invoked at lot by make etc) takes AGES to
> start up.  At least I think it’s ‘sh’ that is causing the delay.
> I think it’s c:/msys64/usr/bin/sh.exe
> From searching the web (eg
>  it seems
> likely that it executes c:/msys64/etc/profile first.
> And If I put an ‘echo’ at the start and end of that file, they do seem to
> take place with a significant gap between them.
> I have not started sprinkling more echos, but does that ring any bells?
> Can I replace ‘sh’ with c:/msys64/usr/bin/bash.exe, which seems to be
> faster?   (My evnt variable SHELL already points to bash.exe. )  And if so,
> how would I do that? An environment variable.  Physically copy bash.exe to
> sh.exe?  Or what?
> Thanks
> Simon
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