cvs-ghc archives

Bartosz Nitka niteria at
Thu Sep 28 10:01:59 UTC 2017


I was reading a comment that pointed to
It's a dead link and I couldn't find any place where cvs-ghc is archived.
I've tried webarchive.

Looks like Simon had a simliar problem 4 years ago:

Is the data forever lost?

There aren't actually that many references in the source tree:
./libraries/base/ See
./libraries/base/configure:# See
./libraries/base/autom4te.cache/output.0:# See
./rts/linker/Elf.c: * See thread
./rts/Linker.c:   // see

I'm happy to remove them if that's what we want to do.

Coincidentally cvs-ghc at appears 58 times in the GHC source
tree. Do we want to keep using it?


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