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Am Montag, den 25.09.2017, 13:36 +0200 schrieb Boespflug, Mathieu:
> Can you configure circleci to mail both the committeer and a specific
> person (e.g. you, or me) on every failed committ?
> That's a good question. The way things work in CircleCI is that this
> is a user setting. You can go to
> and "subscribe" to notifications on a per-organization or per-project basis.

ok, so it seems that I can ensure I get mail. Do you know if there is a
way to notify the committer, even if the committer is not a CircleCI

> Regarding the resource_class setting, that's a feature CircleCI
> graciously enabled for tweag/ghc. I could do the same request for the
> ghc/ Github org. But better if it's an admin of the org.

Even without this, it often runs in 40mins, and sometimes takes an
hour. So for now, I’ll just let it run like this.

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