update: Now using cachegrind

Joachim Breitner mail at
Fri Sep 22 13:06:14 UTC 2017


I have switched to run nofib with
$ make -C nofib EXTRA_RUNTEST_OPTS=-cachegrind NoFibRuns=1 mode=slow -j8

Right now, a complete build with testsuite and nofib takes ~2½h, but
that was before I added the "-j8" to the line above, so let’s see if
that helps.

Even with cachegrind, most nofib tests finish in under one minute, 7
take between one and 10 minutes, k-nucleotide needs 20 minutes and
fannkuch-redux needs 27 minutes. All in all not too bad.

I reset the database and started re-measuring commits
from 055d73c6576bed2affaf96ef6a6b89aeb2cd2e9f on. It will take a while
(a week maybe?) for it to catch up with master.

I hope that this allows us to spot performance regressions with greater


Joachim “nomeata” Breitner
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