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Am Donnerstag, den 21.09.2017, 14:25 +0200 schrieb Boespflug, Mathieu:
> It took me no more than a couple hours to get this working, but using
> CircleCI, for our fork of GHC. I started from Joachim's TravisCI
> script.
> It would be trivial to activate this for as well.
> A few notes:
> - It runs ./validate --fast in 40 minutes.
> - CircleCI has OS X support as well. I think we should just migrate
> to
> using CircleCI for OS X testing instead of the custom drones, one or
> all of which are currently down.
> - CircleCI graciously agreed to running on one of the beefy AWS node
> types, called c4.xlarge (8 cores). On the standard node type (2
> cores), validate takes just over an hour to run. It would be great if
> ./validate could scale better to more cores.

nice! Yes, let’s do this. More CI never hurts (if someone keeps an eye
on it and fixes breakage that is not due to the code).

Can you configure circleci to mail both the committeer and a specific
person (e.g. you, or me) on every failed committ?

I enabled it now for ghc/ghc, but it says

> Configurable resource class is not enabled in your project. Please 
> contact your CSM person or our support team to whitelist your 
> project.

Can you do that?


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