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Simon Peyton Jones <simonpj at> writes:

> Ben, Simon, and ghc-devs
> I have to write slides for the GHC status talk in the Haskell Implementor's meeting.
> Usually we have
>   1.  Current status (current release)

I think there is no shortage of things to say about 8.2. Lots of
features and numerous important bugfixes.

>   2.  What's cooking for the next release

Currently it is looking like 8.4.1 will be another cleanup release.
The only item I can think of beyond those listed on the status page is
the possibility of progress on #8809.

>   3.  GHC community comments
For what it's worth I'll be saying a few words about some of the
development infrastructure efforts that we've been undertaking. This
includes changes in release timing, our CI infrastructure and the status
of the proposal process. My time will be shared with Andrey, who will
share some words about the Hadrian merge and remaining tasks therein.

> As background we have
>   *   Our Apr 17 status page<>
>   *   Our 8.2 release notes<>
>   *   Our 8.4 status page<>
> What would you put under (1-3)?  Anything you'd like to see highlighted?
I'll respond with more as I think of them.


- Ben

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