Compiling natively GHC for ARMv7l softabi

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Oct 16 16:19:57 UTC 2017

shiftag at writes:

> Hi List,
> I would like to install GHC for my CPU which is an ARMv7L Soft-ABI
> NEON FPU. I read some stuff on ARM and GHC related. So it appears that
> an installation is possible but with a RPi. The problem is the stack
> binary which has been compiled for Hard-Float target. So it should not
> be difficult to make it work for my architecture.
Indeed I suspect you are right; it should be fairly straightforward to
build GHC for your platform. 

> I checked for stack sources (stack-1.5.1.tar.gz) but I have any clue
> about how to compile it. Can you give me an hand ?
First you will need to build GHC itself. This will be a two-step

 1. First build a cross-compiler [1] for your ARMv7L target on a machine
    with a working GHC (e.g. an amd64 machine).

 2. Transfer this compiler to your target and use it to build a native

Let us know if you have any trouble.


- Ben

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