[ANNOUNCE] GHC 8.2.1 release candidate 2

Ryan Scott ryan.gl.scott at gmail.com
Fri May 19 16:16:17 UTC 2017

Hi Alberto. Thanks for the very detailed report!

> - A weird kind error when using ConstraintKinds in a propietary package
> which didn't manifest itself with ghc < 8.2:
> ...
> Is this expected behaviour?
> Should I try to isolate and open a ticket?

This looks like a proper bug to me. Can you minimize the example a submit a
bug report at https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/newticket for this? Thanks!

> - I had to disable the tests for two packages since they seem to "hang"
>  (ie: they never finish running and don't seem to consume any CPU time).
> These packages are lens-4.15.1 and fingertree- Maybe it's a Nix
> environmental issue, I'm not sure. Can anyone reproduce this?

The fact that the lens tests run forever sounds unusual to me, as the lens
repo has been running regression tests with GHC 8.2 for a while with no
observed slowdowns. I'll double-check soon just to be sure, though.

However, I can confirm that the fingertree tests appear to loop forever at
runtime with GHC 8.2 (as opposed to GHC 8.0, where they finish in about 7.5
seconds). This is certainly not a good thing, so I'll try to investigate
this more. Thanks for noticing this.

> - I can't manage to install several packages which include executables
> (namely, update-nix-fetchgit and snap-server, for the moment) because
> says that it cannot find the source for the main module of the
> "Setup: can't find source for Main in ."
> It seems that the "hs-source-dir" directive in the .cabal file is not
> honored. Maybe a Nix-only issue? Can anyone reproduce this? Any ideas on
> how can I fix it?

I can't reproduce this issue, at least with update-nix-fetchgit- (by
using `cabal install` to install it). Can you give more detailed
instructions on how to trigger this error?

Ryan S.
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