Which stable GHC release is expected to have support for linear types?

Boespflug, Mathieu m at tweag.io
Fri Jun 30 14:02:19 UTC 2017

Hi Wolfgang,

8.4 is the next release after the (by now imminent) 8.2 release. But
no support for linear types has of yet been merged into the master
branch that will eventually form the basis of the 8.4 release. This
support is under active development at the moment on a side branch.
Some of us are giving ourselves the 8.4 release as a *tentative*
target, so don't count on it. It may well end up happening much
further in the future. It's a research effort at this point and the
design is likely to change a bunch.

In the meantime, you can play around with this Docker image:


It contains a pre-built fork of GHC with the current state of the
linear types implementation. You can see the development as it's
happening here:


Mathieu Boespflug
Founder at http://tweag.io.

On 30 June 2017 at 15:49, Wolfgang Jeltsch <wolfgang-it at jeltsch.info> wrote:
> Hi!
> The blog post on http://blog.tweag.io/posts/2017-03-13-linear-types.html
> says, “We are targeting a merge by the time of the 8.4 release of GHC.”
> Does this mean that GHC 8.4 is expected to have support for linear
> types, or does it mean that the merge should happen after a GHC 8.4
> branch has been forked off from the HEAD branch, so that only GHC 8.6
> will have support for linear types?
> All the best,
> Wolfgang
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