GHC API 7.10 -> 8.0.1 (unusable due to missing or recursive dependencies)

A.M. agentm at
Sat Jan 7 15:54:56 UTC 2017

On 01/06/2017 10:37 PM, Edward Z. Yang wrote:
> Hello A.M.,
> In 8.0.1 package databases must be specified in the correct order,
> whereas in 7.10 they could be done in any order. This problem
> was fixed in 8.0.2, give it a try.

Thanks for the tip, Edward. That was it!

Following to,
I read:

"By default, the stack contains just the global and the user’s package
databases, in that order."

However, the order that works for me is:

extraPkgConfs = const (localPkgPaths ++ [GlobalPkgConf])

so is the description flipped or is the stack head at the end of the
list? In any case, it's rather confusing, though I recognize that the
above sentence is not referring to the GHC API in particular.

I now see that the wrong ordering caused me to be unable to load *any*
packages from my sandbox.

Thanks for the fix!


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