Nofib runtimes sensitivity to RTS changes

Ben Gamari ben at
Sun Feb 12 15:56:44 UTC 2017

Joachim Breitner <mail at> writes:

> Hi,
> this is mostly a rant, targeted at the very vague fact that runtime
> performance benchmarks are so damn hard.
> This commit just came in:
> Clearly, only parts of the profiling RTS have changed.
> This is what measures:
> Highlights:
>     nofib/time/cryptarithm1     	    0.502     	    + 9.36%     	    0.549     	    seconds
>     nofib/time/fasta             	    0.406     	    + 4.43%     	    0.424     	    seconds
> These changes are permanent, i.e. the following commits consistently
> give the higher runtimes.
> But nofib does not even run the profiling RTS!
> *very audible sigh*
> (Conclusion: Ignore runtime changes in nofib when the RTS has changed,
> the results are simply unusable.)
> I also wonder if we can adjust the input and parameters to nofib (in a
> new “veryslow” setting) to get them all run in a few seconds on modern
> hardware, instead of subseconds.

I think this would be a very worthwhile effort. Sub-second runtimes
really are just plain useless.


- Ben

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