Build time over travis time limit again

Andrey Mokhov andrey.mokhov at
Thu Feb 9 17:32:23 UTC 2017

Joachim, Ben,

I gave it a try on my machine. 

First of all, we currently need "--flavour=quick" instead of "quickest" because the latter builds only vanilla RTS.

If I do:

./build.bat -j --flavour=quick
./build.bat -j --flavour=quick validate

Then the testsuite completes, but I get a lot of errors, particularly in "ghci/", "perf/" and "th/". Most of them can probably be fixed relatively easily in Hadrian, but this requires a good understanding of which GHC features these tests actually depend on. I'll create an issue in the Hadrian repo to track down these testsuite failures and will CC you.


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