Can't push to haddock

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Wed Dec 20 01:30:45 UTC 2017

Thank you for that word of reason.

(In addition to your very well stated point, the whole point of Git is that it is a *distributed* RCS. I don’t think, anything less than a full scale planetary nuclear war could really wipe out the GHC source code at this point.)


> 20.12.2017 05:02 Gershom B <gershomb at>:
>> You're also assuming github doesn't suddenly pull a SourceForge (or a
>> Gitorious for that matter). Business cares not what it steamrolls in the
>> name of profit.
>> I fail to understand why, with multiple examples of the folly of this
>> belief out there, people are still willing to bet on *this* company being
>> *different* from all others and absolutely safe to trust.
> What the heck is everyone arguing over? The initial statement was that
> even if we moved everything to github "We'd need mirroring anyway".
> That's it! There's no either/or involved. Just a statement that when
> you have data in one location, no matter how trustworthy, you want a
> backup as well. And ideally you want the backup under your control.
> We can debate moving anything anywhere all we want, but the idea that
> stuff should also be backed up, regardless, in a source not under
> third-party control, seems inoffensive and besides the point.
> --Gershom
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