Re-compiling wired-in packages

Shao Cheng astrohavoc at
Tue Apr 25 11:30:44 UTC 2017


> I did just that recently, see
> for how I did it, in particular

Thank you for your work! I looked at, and tried the "ghc Setup.hs
&& ./Cabal" approach. It works for ghc-prim & integer-simple, but not base.
Since porting gmp to my target platform is hard, I chose integer-simple,
and "./Cabal build" produces the following error message for base:

Preprocessing library for base-
Building library for base-
[  1 of 238] Compiling GHC.IO[boot]     ( GHC/IO.hs-boot,
dist/build/GHC/IO.o-boot )
[  2 of 238] Compiling GHC.Stack.Types  ( GHC/Stack/Types.hs,
dist/build/GHC/Stack/Types.o )

GHC/Stack/Types.hs:57:1: error:
    Bad interface file:
        Something is amiss; requested module
 integer-simple- differs from name found in the
interface file integer-simple:GHC.Integer (if these names look the same,
try again with -dppr-debug)
57 | import GHC.Integer ()
   | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The compilation for integer-simple didn't produce error, and it is properly
registered by ghc-pkg, so I've no idea why there's a bad interface file. Do
you have any ideas on possible causes? Thanks a lot.

Shao Cheng
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