Re-compiling wired-in packages

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Mon Apr 24 14:54:59 UTC 2017


Am Montag, den 24.04.2017, 21:31 +0800 schrieb Shao Cheng:
> I'm trying to implement a new codegen for ghc, starting by using the
> ghc api to compile modules to STG/Cmm. In order to support importing
> Prelude, I also need the STG/Cmm representations of wired-in packages
> like base, ghc-prim, etc, and I guess that means I need to re-compile 
> them.

I did just that recently, see
for how I did it, in particular

> * Load the `ModIface` of wired-in packages, which are tidied Core
> modules, and convert to STG/Cmm

What won’t work; the interface does not contain all the core, but only
those of inlineable functions.

> I haven't succeeded in either approach. For the first one, I haven't
> found a way to convert `ModIface` of external package to regular
> compilation targets; for the second one, regular "cabal installs"
> won't do the trick, seems compiling wired-in packages require quite
> some magic.

Less than you would think! Use "ghc --make Setup.hs && ./Cabal" instead
of the cabal tool, though.

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