Create a ghc-simple-patch-propose list? Re: Notes from Ben's "contribute to ghc" discussion

Ben Gamari ben at
Mon Sep 26 18:49:26 UTC 2016

Phyx <lonetiger at> writes:

> I dislike this approach, having to already deal with a project that does
> patches via mailing lists it is very hard to follow conversations. As soon
> as multiple people get involved things fall apart.
I think accepting pull requests via GitHub can be done with minimal
involvement from existing contributors. All we need is one or two people
to keep an eye on the PR queue and merge or transition-to-Phabricator
PRs as they arrive.

> I have multiple mailing rules and other things just so I can keep track of
> comments. And then volume makes patches disappear into a void.
> We already have a lightweight process. Lots of people just attach the patch
> to trac. And we still accept it.
> Going to trac forces you to give me useful information about what you are
> trying to fix. A mailing list doesn't force a submitter to give me basic
> information about the patch. Such as which platform it effects.
A commit message as you are forced to provide by Git should
usually be sufficient here. Of course, there are always cases where
users will offer insufficient commit descriptions, but this is something
that only the pull request monitors should need to worry about.


- Ben
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