Notes from Ben's "contribute to ghc" discussion

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Sun Sep 25 01:44:23 UTC 2016

Sorry, but I see little sense in what you are bringjng to this discussion.
Chris's points sre explaining some systemic reasons WHY there is a dearth
of contributors, and attempting to make a constructive plan to address
them.  Why should GHC not try to emulate a community that has fantasic
cohesion, unity, and participation?

It is irrelevant why Rust has an advantage. Lets please emulate their
successful strategies instead of in-fighting.

To me it seems you are just attacking his view with bluster and ad hominem,
with undertones of a personal vendetta against Rust.

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>> Why are you so hostile to Chris? I don’t think that this is an
>> appropriate way to treat somebody who is making a suggestion in good faith.
> It may be in good faith. but it's not in good sense. There is a lot in the
> background that made Rust's setup possible, and he's not bringing that to
> the table, just assuming it'll somehow happen or that everyone else will
> drop everything for the next few months and make it happen. And I feel like
> he's being really pushy about committing already overworked people to this
> --- and insisting that anyone opposed must have a hidden agenda or
> otherwise cannot possibly have good reason to be opposed. It's not helpful
> at all; it's basically a good way to stall ghc for the next few months at
> least.
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