Long-term storage of abandoned branches

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in https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/ticket/12618#comment:37
Simon raises a question that I was wondering about as well:

Where do we want to store feature branches that contain useful work
that might be picked up some time later (maybe much later¹)?

So far, I have left them as wip/foobar branches. Which works ok, but it
clutters up the branch namespace, and “wip” is a lie.

Maybe I should move the branch to archive/foobar, to make it clear that
this is not something actively worked on?

An alternative is having it in Phab only, where it is “more out of the
way”, and there is commentary attached to it. Linked from the
appropriate ticket, the code is as accessible as  a git branch.

But are we committed to keeping the Differential Revisions around for

Also, if the branch contains many small commits, which presumably makes
it more useful to whoever revives the project one day, it is easy to
recover that from Phab? (I wonder because arc land squashes commits.)


¹ this does happen, see 

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