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Ben Gamari ben at
Tue Oct 4 13:39:59 UTC 2016

Erik de Castro Lopo <mle+hs at> writes:

> Ben Gamari wrote:
>> It's a bit unclear how far we should extend test coverage. In the future
>> I think I will at very least add an i386 Ubuntu environment, but we
>> could go farther still. For instance these platforms immediately come to
>> mind,
>>  * x86_64 FreeBSD
>>  * x86_64 Solaris
>>  * ARM Linux (although this could be quite tricky given the speed of
>>    these machines)
>>  * AArch64 Linux
> That would be awesome if we could get access to a decent (by which I mean
> server grade, with at least 4 cores and 8 Gig of RAM).
I've wondered how one of the Scaleway ARMs would fare. Their specs are
seem to be comparable to the Odroid XU4 which I use for my own builds,
which barely passes. Perhaps dedicating some of the 50GB SSD to swap
would help.

> The other option for ARM/Linux and AArch64/Linux is cross-compile builds.
> Just building GHC as a cross-compiler for these targets would shave out
> a lot of bugs. Let me know if you're interested. Its really pretty easy
> to set up on a Debian or Ubuntu system.
I am absolutely interested but I'd first like to stabilize what we have.
Let's chat about cross-compilation once that happens. Don't hesitate to
remind me in a few weeks.


- Ben
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