8.0.1 source tarballs available (yet again)

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Tue May 17 16:54:44 UTC 2016

tl;dr: We are giving this release yet another attempt. Cross your
       fingers and try building again.

So after many attempts I was able to reproduce the issue seen by 
Andrés and Karel and believe I have merged a fix. The issue is
documented as Trac #12078. Thanks to everyone who helped pin down
the issue.

I've uploaded a new set of source tarballs to the usual location,


These tarballs are derived from,


For reference, the SHA1 sum of the new source tarballs is,

    585a2d34a17ce2452273147f2e3cef1a2efe1aa5  ./ghc-8.0.1-src.tar.xz

Let me know how your builds go. I don't anticipate any further issues,
but one rarely does.

Finally: thank you all so much for your patience while we worked through
these issues. I hope it's a long time until we see such a drawn out and
problematic release.


- Ben
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