Mentor for a JVM backend for GHC

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Tue May 3 18:02:34 UTC 2016

On 05/ 3/16 06:09 PM, Rahul Muttineni wrote:
> Hi Karel,
> On Tue, May 3, 2016 at 12:45 AM, Karel Gardas <karel.gardas at
> <mailto:karel.gardas at>> wrote:
> -- this is 50 MB. I've not
>     `gmake clean' it so you see what's compiled in jar/classes and
>     what's not. Pity, if you'd like to have it running (besides already
>     precompiled examples) you would need either Solaris 11 (my host) or
>     "risk" build yourself.
> That's fine, it was no problem. Thanks for taking the time and uploading
> it! It seems like it has dependencies and some more of Brian's packages
> (of which one has a module named Brianweb.Java), which again are nowhere
> to be found on the internet. Do you happen to have sources to his other
> packages too?

Indeed, hsjava and hsutils, please download -- and let me know if you need 
anything else. Definitely the beast was working here at least for fib.hs 
-- it's in the ghc root and probably also hello world like example so I 
definitely have everything needed here... So just speak up if 
something's missing. :-)


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