Mentor for a JVM backend for GHC

Karel Gardas karel.gardas at
Mon May 2 19:15:01 UTC 2016

On 05/ 2/16 07:55 PM, Rahul Muttineni wrote:
> @Karel: Yeah it is, but the reward of being able to run Haskell anywhere
> is definitely worth it! I'm aware of the LambdaVM project. I didn't
> mention it because I wanted to focus on the present. I sent Brian Alliet
> an email asking for guidance on architectural decisions a while back,
> but have received no response.
> I'd be interested in having a copy of the LambdaVM source, thanks. There
> are a couple of places in the design I'm iffy on, so it'd be nice to
> have a source of inspiration. -- this is 50 MB. I've not 
`gmake clean' it so you see what's compiled in jar/classes and what's 
not. Pity, if you'd like to have it running (besides already precompiled 
examples) you would need either Solaris 11 (my host) or "risk" build 

> Frege is a great project in its own right, but GHC Haskell has become
> the standard and I find many of the extensions to be useful in
> eliminating many more classes of bugs at compile-time.

Indeed, I'm looking forward to seeing/testing your results.


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