Updatable, single entry, one-short thunks and lambda

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Thu Mar 17 17:41:22 UTC 2016

- is it updated after its value has been computed?
- thunks only
- a non-updatable thunk will effectively be call-by-name,
  so it should either be cheap or single-entry

- is it entered (called) once or zero times?
- thunks or functions

One-shot: same as single-entry

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|  Subject: Updatable, single entry, one-short thunks and lambda
|  Dear list,
|  in the literature, the code and the comments, I often find these
|  notions:
|   * updatable
|   * single-entry
|   * one-shot
|  applied to thunks, functions, closures and lambda expressions on
|  various levels
|  I have the impression that these are indeed plain synonyms (resp.
|  antinyms) when it comes to thunks and other closures, and indicate
|  whether a dynamic instance of this closure is going to be entered once
|  or more than once, while "one-shot", when applied to a lambda
|  expression (or, by extension function argument), indicates that this
|  lambda expression is _called_ at most once for every _evaluation_ of
|  it.
|  Is that about right, or are there more pitfalls around?
|  Greetings,
|  Joachim
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