Moving ArgumentsDo forward

Akio Takano tkn.akio at
Wed Jun 1 11:48:31 UTC 2016


Ticket #10843 [0] proposes an extension, ArgumentsDo, which I would
love to see in GHC. It's a small syntactic extension that allows do,
case, if and lambda blocks as function arguments, without parentheses.
However, its differential revision [1] has been abandoned, citing a
mixed response from the community. A message [2] on the ticket
summarizes a thread in haskell-cafe on this topic.

I, for one, think adding this extension is worthwhile, because a
significant number of people support it. Also, given how some people
seem to feel ambivalent about this change, I believe actually allowing
people to try it makes it clearer whether it is a good idea.

Thus I'm wondering: is there any chance that this gets merged? If so,
I'm willing to work on whatever is remaining to get the change merged.

Takano Akio


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