Action Required: Status of Harbormaster for Differentials

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Fri Aug 26 21:39:33 UTC 2016

Joachim Breitner <mail at> writes:

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> Hi,
> Am Freitag, den 26.08.2016, 09:38 -0400 schrieb Ben Gamari:
>> The reason for this new requirement is that `arc diff` will soon push
>> submitted diffs to a "staging area", a Git repository managed by
>> Phabricator containing a branch for each submitted Differential.
> this is great, because it means that we can run performance builds via
> on all DRs automatically!
> Will the staging repository be publicly available?
Indeed, it's available at [1]. There are no 

> And will it also contain the usual branches (master, ghc-8.0, wip/), so
> that I can simply take that as the upstream repo for gipeda’s sake?
Not as things are currently configured and I'm not sure how easy it
would be to reliably accomplish this.

The only thing you'll find in that repository currently is tags (not
branches as I stated earlier; sorry!) with names of the form
phabricator/base/1234 and phabricator/diff/1234. These contain the base
and head commits of revision 1234, respectively. Note that 1234 does not
identify a differential; rather it is a revision of a differential (e.g.
the number that you see in the "ID" column of the history table fn a
differential in the web interface).


- Ben

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