Request for feedback: deriving strategies syntax

Bardur Arantsson spam at
Fri Aug 19 01:51:25 UTC 2016

On 2016-08-18 20:46, Ryan Scott wrote:
> Bardur,
> Since you don't like "bespoke", would you mind suggesting an
> alternative, or advocating for a previously mentioned idea? From [1],
> the ideas I've seen tossed around are:
> * builtin
> * standard (Elliot Cameron suggested it here [2])
> * wiredin (Cater Schonwald suggested it here [3])
> * magic (Andres Löh suggested it here [4])
> * native
> * original
> * specialized (the above three are ad hoc suggestions I came up with
in a hurry)

(I think I did suggest 'builtin', but it was buried in a sentence, so it
was easy to miss.)

Honestly, I don't care particularly much which exact word it becomes
just as long at isn't some 'cute' or obscurse[1] word.

'magic' belongs in the 'cute' category, I think and 'bespoke' belongs in
the latter.

Of the remaining alternatives I like 'builtin' and 'standard' the best,
simply because they're common and not all that overloaded when it comes
to their meaning in programming languages.


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