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Am Montag, den 25.04.2016, 13:54 +0000 schrieb Simon Peyton Jones:
> > 
> >  Generally, UI that needs extensive documentation is bad UI.
> >  So if the interface is confusing, gipeda needs to be improved (and may
> >  it be with “title” tags that explain the fields). If there are concrete
> >  issues with the page, let me know, and I’ll try to improve the
> >  interface.
> Well that's a great aspiration, but it is a hard one to deliver
> on.  I am completely flummoxed by almost every element of the current
> page. (And not just this UI, but many others.)

And I am repeatedly flummoxed by your vocabularly; always a joy :-)

> * Nothing says what the baseline is; your email specifically says
> that you have changed the baseline
> To take the first line of the "Branches" section
> [..]
> I'm short, I'm lost.  I need a little page with an example and
> explanations of each element.

Hmm, I see your point. But since I did not see it originally, maybe I’m
not the right person to describe the UI – after all, I’m heavily biased
by having it created in the first place. Are there volunteers that that
would enjoy creating a user-oriented documentation for gipeda?
(Probably not in the form of a detached wiki page, but a help page
linked from directly.)

Until then, allow me to briefly answer your questions:
> * What does "2 days ago" mean?

The age of the latest commit to the branch.

> * What does "3 commit to cb300e" mean?

That this branch contains 3 commits relative to master, and that the
final commit on the branch is cb300e. These are two links with
The first one says „Compare against merge base“, which will take you to
a comparison page between the base commit and the latest commit on the
The second one says „Show branch tip“, will will take you to that
revisions’ usual results view, which is relative to its parent.

> * What does 276 mean

Number of benchmarks taken. I’m considering to remove this bit of
information here, it is not really interesting.

> * What does the little histogram mean
> * What does 0+0- mean?

Number of improvements (+) and regressions (-). In the per-branch-list
is against the merge base, in the commit list it is against the
commit’s parent. If you hover, you’ll see a list of changes (if there
are any).


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