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Hi Alex,

welcome on ghc-dev.

Am Donnerstag, den 21.04.2016, 23:22 +0300 schrieb Alex Dzyoba:
> I was trying to reproduce issue #11297 (CmmSwitchTest is broken on
> 32-bit platforms ) from Newcomers page and seems to stuck. I would
> like to ask for help here, but if there is a more suitable place to
> ask, please let me know.

This is the right place!

> I've built current master (8c33cd4) stage2 compiler, removed
> "when(wordsize(32), expect_broken(11297))" from
> testsuite/tests/codeGen/should_run/all.T to see same errors as in
> issue and got this (unrelated?) assertion:

I don’t think it is entirely unrelated, but there is a separate ticket
about this:
It even proposes a fix.

But if you want to be unblocked in implementing #11297, simply comment
out the assertion in Literal.hs (just for you), or compile without

> Is there anything I can do with this? Is it because that test has
> 64-bit unboxed integers and I'm running it on 32-bit VM?

Right, but that is the point of #11297: The test case is tailored to 64
bit, and the task is to create a second test case with 32 bit numbers.

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