Converting unboxed sum types in StgCmm

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Mon Sep 14 16:03:24 UTC 2015

I've given this a yet some more thought. Given this simple core program:

f [InlPrag=NOINLINE] :: (#|#) Int Char -> Int
[GblId, Arity=1, Str=DmdType]
f =
  \ (ds_dmE :: (#|#) Int Char) ->
    case ds_dmE of _ [Occ=Dead] {
      (#_|#) x_amy -> x_amy;
      (#|_#) ipv_smK -> patError @ Int "UnboxedSum.hs:5:1-15|function f"#

We will get this stg pre-unarise:

  [f [InlPrag=NOINLINE] :: (#|#) Int Char -> Int
   [GblId, Arity=1, Str=DmdType, Unf=OtherCon []] =
       \r srt:SRT:[0e :-> patError] [ds_svm]
           case ds_svm of _ [Occ=Dead] {
             (#_|#) x_svo [Occ=Once] -> x_svo;
             (#|_#) _ [Occ=Dead] -> patError "UnboxedSum.hs:5:1-15|function

What do we want it to look like afterwards? I currently, have this, modeled
after unboxed tuples:

  [f [InlPrag=NOINLINE] :: (#|#) Int Char -> Int
   [GblId, Arity=1, Str=DmdType, Unf=OtherCon []] =
       \r srt:SRT:[0e :-> patError] [ds_gvu ds_gvv]
           case (#_|#) [ds_gvu ds_gvv] of _ [Occ=Dead] {  -- <-- WHAT
             (#_|#) x_svo [Occ=Once] -> x_svo;
             (#|_#) _ [Occ=Dead] -> patError "UnboxedSum.hs:5:1-15|function

Here I have performed the same rewriting of the scrutinee in the case
statement as for unboxed tuples, but note that this doesn't quite work, as
we don't know which data constructor to apply in "..." in case ... of. In
the case of tuples it's easy; there is only one.

It seems to me that we just want to rewrite the case altogether into
something that looks at the tag field of the data constructor. Also, in stg
we use the same DataCon as in core, but after stg the unboxed sum case
really only has one constructor (one with the union of all the fields),
which makes it awkward to reuse the original DataCon.

On Mon, Sep 14, 2015 at 7:27 AM, Ryan Newton <rrnewton at> wrote:

>>    -
>>    data RepType = UbxTupleRep [UnaryType]
>>        | UbxSumRep [UnaryType]
>>        | UnaryRep UnaryType
>> Not, fully following, but ... this reptype business is orthogonal to
> whether you add a normal type to the STG level that models anonymous,
> untagged unions, right?
> That is, when using Any for pointer types, they could use indicative
> phantom types, like "Any (Union Bool Char)", even if there's not full
> support for doing anything useful with (Union Bool Char) by itself.  Maybe
> the casting machinery could greenlight a cast from Any (Union Bool Char) to
> Bool at least?
> There's already the unboxed union itself, (|# #|) , but that's different
> than a pointer to a union of types...
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