Proposal: accept pull requests on GitHub

Bardur Arantsson spam at
Fri Sep 4 05:55:52 UTC 2015

On 09/03/2015 09:18 AM, Joe Hillenbrand wrote:
>> As a wild idea -- did anyone look at /Gitlab/ instead?
> My personal experience with Gitlab at a previous job is that it is
> extremely unstable. I'd say even more unstable than trac and
> phabricator. It's especially bad when dealing with long files.

If we're talking alternative systems, then I can personally recommend
Gerrit ( which, while it *looks*
pretty basic, it  works really well with the general Git workflow. For
example, it tracks commits in individual reviews, but tracks
dependencies between those commits. So when e.g. you push a new series
of commits implementing a feature, all those reviews just get a new
"version" and you can diff between different versions of each individual
commit -- this often cuts down drastically on how much you have to
re-review when a new version is submitted.

You can also specify auto-merge when a review gets +2 (or +1, or
whatever), including rebase-before-merge-and-ff instead of having merge
commits which just clutter the history needlessly.

You can set up various rules using a predicate-based rules engine, for
example about a review needing two approvals and/or always needing
approval from an (external) build system, etc.

The only setup it needs in a git hook... which it will tell you exactly
how to install with a single command when you push your first review.
(It's some scp command, I seem to recall.)

Caveat: I haven't tried using it on Windows.


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