Building stage1 only

Jan Stolarek jan.stolarek at
Tue Oct 20 07:12:02 UTC 2015

> it's very easy to end up in a state where `make` simply can't build, and only
> easy fix is a `make clean`
Out of sheer curiosity: in what situations does that happen for you? *If* you are working on a 
single branch, ie. you're not switching back and forth between master and your feature branches, 
this should not happen (and even if you switch between branches it should still be safe for most 
of the time). Richard already gave you a trick (cd ghc/ && make 2) that allows to build only 
stage 2 compiler without rebuilding stage 1 or any of the libraries. One situation that comes to 
my mind that can really require a full rebuild is changing format of interface files. But other 
than that you shouldn't have to do a full rebuild too often.

I know how you feel. When I started working on GHC I had to do a full rebuild very often. But now 
I improved my workflow and only do a full build after a major rebase of my branch against master. 


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