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Mon Nov 30 09:44:47 UTC 2015

Richard Eisenberg <eir at> writes:

> These responses are helpful, thanks.
> Is there a primer for how to read the output? Or a small function that
> produces the output that I could quickly reverse engineer?
> There is a suggestion to look at the core before and after my patch.
> Is there a certain phase I should look at? What should I look for?
> And where in the GHC code base should I start looking to understand
> this better?
> Sorry if these questions seem too easy -- I'm just out of my element
> here. My hunch is that I need to update something in the strictness
> analyzer to look through/around/beyond coercions somewhere. Any ideas
> as to what that might be would be helpful! :)
You might also want to look at [1], which appears to offer a nice tour
around the implementation.


- Ben


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