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Richard Eisenberg <eir at> writes:

> These responses are helpful, thanks.
> Is there a primer for how to read the output? Or a small function that
> produces the output that I could quickly reverse engineer?
The Wiki is a good place to start although the description there is
lacking a bit. [1]

Relatedly, some time ago I started writing a blog article about various
aspects of Core with the intent of presenting a document accessible to
the average Haskeller with an interest in diving into the compilation
pipeline. While it's quite far from done, it's perhaps worth putting up
the current state of it. Here it is [2].

> There is a suggestion to look at the core before and after my patch.
> Is there a certain phase I should look at? What should I look for?
It would be good to see the Core as it enters strictness analysis.

> And where in the GHC code base should I start looking to understand
> this better?
compiler/stranal I believe.

Of course, take anything I have to say with a large grain of salt;
Joachim's opinion is orders of magnitude better informed than mine in
this area.


- Ben

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