Window build broken

Simon Peyton Jones simonpj at
Wed Nov 18 13:38:18 UTC 2015

|  Presumably Simon didn't change this. Maybe the msys2 install is broken?

Perhaps it is.  Should I blow it away and re-install?

One other difficulty is that (before my machine change) I tried to follow the instructions on to install 64-bit msys2; but I had a series of problems that Ben G was unable to get to the bottom of.  Particularly I could not run bash from emacs; the emacs shell window never got as far as a prompt.  So I backed off.  As far as I know that is still broken.

I think I have not tried the "32-bit msys2 installer" on that page.  Maybe that should be my next step?

Regardless, it's hard to see how any of this concerns the error message I was getting.  As lonetiger said, it looks very similar to

What next?


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|  Hmm,
|  Presumably Simon didn't change this. Maybe the msys2 install is broken?
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|  > It’s msys2.  I don’t have Cygwin on this machine.  I have no idea where
|  that prompt comes from, but I agree it’s suspicious.
|  Looks like your /etc/fstab is wrong. There should be a line like this one,
|  that removes the `cygdrive` prefix from Windows drive/letter
|  mounts:
|  none / cygdrive binary,posix=0,noacl,user 0 0
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|  David Macek

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