Feature status for GHC 8.0

Ben Gamari ben at well-typed.com
Tue Nov 17 15:22:22 UTC 2015

tldr. Please let us know the status of your patches for GHC 8.0.

Hello everyone!

You are receiving this message because you responsible for one of the
in-flight items on the GHC 8.0 roadmap [1].

As you may know, the release is quickly approaching and we'd like to
have final patches up for review in the next week or so. Until then we'd
like to get an idea of how your various projects are progressing.

Below is a list of the projects which we believe are still in progress
along with my understanding of the state of your work. If you see
your name in this list please let us know how things are going.

 * OverloadedRecordFields                                  Adam Gundry
      Documentation needed
      Full ORF not happening?

 * Kind equality                                     Richard Eisenberg
      Patches coming soon?

 * GADT pattern matching rework                     George Karachalias
      How is this coming along?

 * LLVM backend                                           Austin Seipp
      Patches coming

 * Pattern synonyms                                  Matthew Pickering
      Documentation needed
      (ongoing work in D1325)

 * Backpack work                                        Edward Z. Yang
      How is this coming along?

 * Compact regions                                   Giovanni Campagna
      Patches need revision                             Edward Z. Yang

 * Type signature sections                      Herbert Valerio Riedel
      Not pushing for 8.0?

 * DWARF-based stack traces and                             Ben Gamari
   statistical profiling
      Patches slowly being merged
      Documentation needed

Thanks for all of your hard work!


- Ben

[1] https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/Status/GHC-8.0.1
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