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Sun May 17 18:13:43 UTC 2015


Am Sonntag, den 17.05.2015, 20:00 +0200 schrieb Karel Gardas:
> this is indeed great stuff. But although it's self-explanatory I'm not 
> able to find out what I'm looking for, i.e. simple way to see graph of 
> whole nofib performance results. i.e. not graphs per benchmark, but per 
> whole nofib suite. Is that possible?

indeed, not yet!

I’m not quite sure if this should be handled in gipeda, or rather in the
project-specific script. After all, such an average is quite domain
specific (average? weighted average? median? what else). Maybe in the
case of nofib, nofib-analize should calculate an "overall performance
number" in a sensible way, and gipeda can treat it just like any other
benchmark number.

I filed for this.


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