wither the Platform

Bardur Arantsson spam at scientician.net
Wed Mar 25 17:59:19 UTC 2015

On 25-03-2015 15:24, Mark Lentczner wrote:

> Concrete proposal based on that and the other fine input in the responses:
> *Simultaneous Release:* Since it is organizationally impractical to have
> one release, let's have GHC and Platform release at the same moment. That
> is, GHC HQ would keep a release in "RC" until HP was ready. By the same
> token, HP team commits to tracking GHC from RC1, and aiming to hit ready
> for release within a week of GHC being ready. Both go "release" in the same
> announcement. *In fact, let's version HP with the same number as GHC!*

What is the purpose of doing this? It's not clear to me that there's any
upside, only the rather large downside of GHC HQ (and thus some of us
downstreams) having to wait arbitrarily long for the HP release. The
historical record for timeliness of HP releases is not encouraging. Are
we just expecting that the HP will somehow magically attract more
developers... which will somehow translate into more timely releases?


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