HP 2015.2.0.0 and GHC 7.10

Sven Panne svenpanne at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 08:35:29 UTC 2015

2015-03-23 6:13 GMT+01:00 Mark Lentczner <mark.lentczner at gmail.com>:
> [...] exceptions & multipart - needed by cgi - is exceptions now subsumed by
> something in transformers? [...]

Coincidentally, Edward Kmett pointed me to the exceptions package
while I was trying to generalize some of my packages from using plain
IO to MonadIO. Alas, the transformers package still doesn't subsume
the exceptions package, but IMHO it really should. Looking at the
import list of e.g. Control.Monad.Catch alone is already indicating
that. :-) BTW: System.Console.Haskeline.MonadException has something
similar, but far less complete, too, but that's really a strange place
for such a feature. How did it end up there?

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