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Joachim Breitner mail at
Tue Jan 6 23:20:32 UTC 2015


over the holidays I’ve been working on a new and custom-made¹ front-end
for our performance data, mainly to work around limitations of codespeed
when it comes to understanding git, but also to add other features that
I happen to want.

I put a (not automatically updated) preview on
The code is not yet online, and there are some features missing (most
notably: Working with multiple builders, the per-benchmark-graphs.)

I’d like to have this hosted somewhere properly, so this is a request
for the infrastructure team.

I am a big fan of static content, so the system is a (shake-driven)
batch process that generates a bunch of .json file. These can be served
statically, together with the completely static index.html and a few
javascript libraries. So it’s all very CDN-friendly.

So all I need is
 * shell access to some machine, preferably with ghc installed
 * some disk space (actually quite a bit due to all the build logs, 
   although that could be reduced by gzipping or reading them directly 
   from the git repo²)
 * a new virtual host or a subdirectory of
   where I can deploy my files to.
 * the possibility to either run a cronjob to poll for new logs, or
   maybe (later) some more sophisticated trigger.

Would that be possible?


¹ It is still a generic display of "values per git commit", and I hope 
  I can keep it that way – maybe other projects can use it as well.

² currently at
  If the above becomes official, this probably also should move to The repo is 250M, but 7,2G checked out. I plan to 
  make my code read the logs directly from the repo, and link to the 
  cgit web interface to show the logs, so that it never has to be
  checked out.

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