Shipping core libraries with debug symbols

Johan Tibell johan.tibell at
Fri Jan 2 23:18:55 UTC 2015


We are now able to generate DWARF debug info, by passing -g to GHC. This
will allow for better debugging (e.g. using GDB) and profiling (e.g. using
Linux perf events). To make this feature more user accessible we need to
ship debug info for the core libraries (and perhaps the RTS). The reason we
need to ship debug info is that it's difficult, or impossible in the case
of base, for the user to rebuild these libraries.The question is, how do we
do this well? I don't think our "way" solution works very well. It causes
us to recompile too much and GHC doesn't know which "ways" have been built
or not.

I believe other compilers, e.g. GCC, ship debug symbols in separate files ( that e.g. GDB can then look up.

-- Johan
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