MAC builds of 7.8.4 and 7.10.1 RC2

Mark Lentczner mark.lentczner at
Tue Feb 10 15:01:08 UTC 2015

I have built "in the official manner" both GHC 7.8.4 and GHC 7.10.1 rc2
from sources. You can find them here:

They need some "doesn't crash out of the box" testing on a few OS X systems
before I think we should declare them good and put them on the download

Can you help out?

Basic instructions to install a bindist in a local, isolated area (so you
don't clobber your system GHC installation):

mkdir test-ghc
cd test-ghc
tar xf $binddist_tar_file
cd ghc*
configure --prefix=`cd ..; pwd`
make install
cd ..

Let me know if that works - and what version of OS X you used.

- Mark
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